How does the AI platform select jobs to apply on my behalf?

When setting up LifeShack, you are asked to describe the role you are looking for. Our AI then determines up to 3 job titles which match the description you provide (you have the option to adjust these values).

Once you are set up, we perform a job search based on your criteria, and we evaluate each opportunity based on the prompt you provide.

If there is a strong match with both the job title, and job description, we open the job application and read all of the questions. We then answer each question appropriately based on your job search preferences and work history.

After the application is submitted and a successful application is verified, we log this information in your LifeShack dashboard.

You can then view which jobs we have applied for on the applications page [link]. You will also receive an email directly from the company confirming your application.

We only source opportunities from trusted sources, so you can feel confident your application is going to verified companies.