“Within 5 minutes, LifeShack had applied to a batch of jobs for me. Two hours later, I received an invite to schedule an interview at Science, a Neuralink competitor!!”

- Dylan S, Software Engineer

Unbelievable value

Join thousands of job seekers who have saved time, landed more opportunities, and gotten their life back when using LifeShack's AI to handle their search.

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How it works oh so well..

Our AI targets exactly the type of roles you are looking for. From there it takes care of everything - searching, evaluating, and applying. Set it up once and watch the opportunities flow.

Find your perfect job
LifeShack works by running a job search each day, evaluating the results, and applying to the best matches. It's like having a personal assistant who is always on the lookout for your next opportunity.
Eliminate the leg work
Since LifeShack is handling the busy work, you can spend time where it matters - preparing for interviews, networking, and getting your life back.
Level up your career
Too busy with work to find your next opportunity? We'll find the opportunities for you and apply to them. All you have to do is show up to the interview.

The jobs you want

We connect you to incredible jobs at the most exciting companies and innovative startups.

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Secure, AI powered job search

Your search just got automated

AI Search & Evaluation

Our AI searches & evaluates the best opportunities, so you don't have to

AI applications

We fill out and submit high quality, personalized applications

Tailored Cover Letters

Personalized cover letters for every application

Track your applications

Applications and job descriptions are tracked in your dashboard

Work your way

Choose to apply to remote, hybrid, or onsite jobs

Block list

Block up to 100 companies from receiving applications

Prevent Fraud

High quality jobs sourced from trusted companies

Peace of mind

We automatically block your current employer from receiving applications

Daily Updates

Get email updates on your search

We're a job seeker's best friend, but don't take our word for it.

"LifeShack has been a complete game changer for me during my job search. With this incredible product, I no longer waste time manually entering repetitive information, allowing me to focus on interview preparation and maximizing my chances of success. I highly recommend this time-saving AI tool to anyone who wants to streamline their job application process."

Nick G

Software Engineer

"I am thrilled with LifeShack's Auto-Apply feature. It has saved me so much time and energy. I love that I can apply to jobs with just one click. Before I found LifeShack, I felt like I should be constantly working on finding a job and was getting burnt out. Now I finally feel like I have an advantage in the job seeking battlefield."

Theresa M

UI/UX Designer

"Honestly your product has been great, I have had a few phone calls and a few interviews, and it's the most traction I have had in my search. I just let your service do the heavy lifting and I am just focusing on upskilling and enjoying life."

Kyle C

Software Engineer

"LifeShack has served as a personalized job-search assistant, streamlining the application process and alleviating considerable stress! Automating the job hunt has allowed me to concentrate more effectively on excelling in interviews. It has undeniably transformed and optimized my job search."

Sandra A

Support Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you find your jobs?
Can I customize which jobs the AI applies to?
Can I manually apply to jobs as well, or is it exclusively automated?
How am I notified when there is a response to an application?